Fun ways to teach the Alphabet (free hat template)

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Alphabet Hats are a fun way to introduce and practice the alphabet with your Preppies (first year of school, approx 5).

The kids love making and wearing them, and get a real kick out of what is chosen to represent each letter.

Typically the hats include different activities to reinforce the current letter, and these can include tracing, colouring and even constructing words based on what you include on your hat template.

Free template - alphabet hats

I’ve been using them this past year with my Preppies, as they get acquainted with the alphabet. And they LOVED them! They also loved seeing me wearing them too! ;-P

If you’re not already on the Alphabet Hat train I’ve included a couple of templates below that you can download and use for free right now.

Your kids will have fun practicing tracing the lower and upper case letters, drawing their own pictures starting with today’s letter, and of course constructing the hero word for that day as the jewel in their Alphabet Hat crown!!

Free alphabet hat templates

The download includes the letters S, A and T to get you started.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Download your Alphabet Hat template for free now >

What other fun activities to you use with your kids as they learn the alphabet? I’d love to hear/see! Drop me a comment or link below.

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