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QR Code Reward Cards


20 Reward Cards

10 Fun QR Code Reward Cards PLUS 10 Reward Card templates to create your own rewards.

Instantly download, print and start using!



QR Codes include:

  1. Dance Time “Whip + Nae Nae” (VIDEO)
  2. Choose a Read Aloud book
  3. Choose a sticker
  4. Sit with the teacher for lunch
  5. Change seats, sit with a friend for 1 session
  6. 10 minutes at the listening post
  7. Free time on the iPad
  8. Have a ‘Cuddle­ Buddy’ for the day (choose a teddy to snuggle with)
  9. 15 mins of lego, tessellation tiles, play dough or sand box
  10. GoNoodle.com Dance ­ WHOLE CLASS BONUS (WEB LINK)

Instantly download, print and start using!


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