QR Code Reward Cards! SUCH FUN!

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The mystery of a lucky dip + the excitement and enhancement of technology is what the QR Code Reward Cards bring to the classroom.

Using QR Codes Reward Cards to help with Behaviour Management

The QR Code Reward Cards are a positive tool to help with your behaviour management strategy.

Using technology to ramp up the interest and motivation to get a reward has certainly increased the drive to get one of these bad boys in my class!

Printable QR Code Reward Cards

How it works

  1. Teachers allow students showing behaviours and work habits get to choose a QR Reward Card.
  2. Students discover their reward by using a QR Code Reader app (using a tablet, phone or iPod device) to scan the QR Code on their card.

This could reveal text, a URL, a video, a song or a picture.

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How do I get these QR Code Reward Cards for free?

You can use a QR Code Generator (online or using an app) to make your own reward cards, or use cards already created by others.  Get my  free QR Code Reward Cards here >

How else could I use QR Codes in my school/home education classroom?

QR Codes can be used in any way you can think of in your classroom.  Be creative, the sky is the limit!  You could even get your students involved in creating and using QR Codes.  There are tonnes of ideas on YouTube of how other teachers use QR Codes to enhance learning, motivation and behaviour management.

Check out where I’ve talked about using technology to enhance your student learning using the SAMR Model >>

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