What are QR Codes and why should I care?

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You may have seen QR Codes around on posters and advertisements, or even in other teacher’s classrooms.  You may have even seen people using them and talking about them.

What are QR Codes?

A QR Code is like a ‘barcode’ of sorts that you can can to quickly find more information.  They may link to text, an image, video or a URL etc.

Common Craft explains exactly what QR Codes are in this video:

Never used a QR Code?

Don’t worry, they’re actually super easy!  You can download a QR Code Scanner app for any tablet or phone device.  Don’t have iPads or tablets in your classroom?  No problem, the students can bring their QR Code Reward Cards to you to scan on your phone.  The scan will bring up the text revealing the reward.

Download free QR Scanner for iPad or iPhone
Download free QR Scanner for android

Why should I use them?

QR Codes, what are they? Point, Scan, Learn

QR Codes can be such a quick, and easy tool to help your students move through a lesson, or link to information or a video.  Not only can they help you do what was previously impossible in a lesson, but they’re fun and simple enough for the students to generate and use in their presentations!

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Get me started

1. Want to start using QR Codes?  Try it out by downloading the QR Scanner app.

Download free QR Scanner for iPad or iPhone
Download free QR Scanner for android

2. Start by getting these already made, printable QR Code Reward Cards, available in a pack of 20 (including 10 blank cards for when you’re confident to start making your own QR codes).

Print and start using them today.

Used or found some cool ideas for using QR Codes?

Share them with us in the comments below :)

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